Sunday, December 2, 2018

ActivMotion Bar Review

I love finding and trying out new tools or gear that I can incorporate into my workouts. As a runner, I try to find new ways of strength training, so that I can become a stronger and faster.

I was recently sent a 6 pound ActivMotion Bar in exchange for a review. I tried different moves with the bar, and I can tell you that you get a great workout using it. Even though this is a #sponsered post, all views are my own opinion. Trust me, if I did not like something, I would let you know.

The ActivMotion bar really challenge you because they are  filled with ball barrings that move and shift when you tilt or move the bar. This action works your core as you have to stabilize and activate your midsection. It also causes you to have to balance. After my first workout, I started to feel soreness in parts of my core that I haven't felt in a really long time.

There are so many exercises and moves that you can do. I stuck with some of the basic moves of regular lunges and curtesy lunges but threw in some single legs dead lefts as well.

By lifting the bar above my head, I added resistance to a common move. It made the move more challenging and I could feel more of a burn in my legs, arms, and core. The further the bar is from your body, the more challenging the exercise becomes.

You can choose from as light as 3 pounds all up to 18 pounds. To learn more about the bar, check out the following video.

Intrigued? Curious about trying the ActivMotion Bar for your self? You can get 25% off through the holidays! Use code "fitapproach25" at checkout. This code will be valid until January 7th.

Be sure to check out their Youtube channel for workouts and tutorials once you buy your ActivMotion Bar such as this 10 Minute Core and Balance Routine. 

Why not give your self the gift of fitness this year. - Michelle

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