Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Warm and Satisfying Chicken Soups

The weather outside is frightful....

Brrr! I am not a cold weather person. In fact, I would rather be burning up than cold. I can't wait until the birds are singing again, the warmer weather, and it staying light longer. I mean, hello more running outside and less time on the treadmill!

During the colder months, my family eats a lot of soup. Soups just seems to warm your body and soup, and it is so filling. Not to mention it helps warm up the house and it just smells so good.

Here are some chicken soups you can make that are both warm and satisfying (because I am on a chicken kick). This is more of a round of delicious soups from other bloggers to get you started. My own recipes are to come in future posts.

Looking for soups that you can prep ahead and freeze? Then check out these (chicken and non-chicken)

Stay warm my friends! 
- Michelle


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  2. These all sound delicious. I'm going to pin that crockpot one looks like some good recipes.