Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Seasons Come & Go

Remember when I alluded to changes coming up. Well, there are so many changes happening right now. New chapters are starting while other chapters are ending.

Amber and I are in week four for our Ultra Training. We will be running the Hawk 100 50 miler on September 9th in Lawrence Kansas. This will be our longest ultra so far. With both of us being busy moms, training is a balancing game, especially with soccer season going on.

Faith Coffee Miles will be seeing some big changes too, I am so excited! It is hard not to spill the beans!

My season of being a SAHM is also coming to an end! I was fortunate to be one for 13 years! I have so many mixed emotions. I have second interview for a job position, and if it goes well, at least it will be working for a company that promotes something that I am passionate about.

Trying to be a solopreneuer has been hard and just doesn't pay the bills. I will continue to do the side hustle in hopes that one day it will. I felt lead to start Renew3 Ministries. I had so many dreams and ideas, but not enough time or finances.  Maybe it was for a season, or is something that will blossom in the future. However, as I get older, I am been trying to be more careful not to create an environment that promotes burn out and adrenal exhaustion. Having faith when you can not sense a direction is really hard. Praying that I make the right decision. Truly, this will have to be something that is completely in God's hands.

Another emotional thing was stepping down as Chapter Leader of the local Moms Run This Town group. It would have been three years in September. Saying good bye to a group/community of women that I started and grew over the years was really hard! I saw the women grow and challenge themselves. Busy moms started making more time to make their health a priority. Walkers turned into runners. Runners challenged themselves and trained for/ran longer distances. Goals were meet. Incredible relationships were formed. In fact, if I wasn't for MRTT, I probably would not have never started training for a 50 miler, let alone run a 50k.

I am sure 2017 will see more changes. This will be a time of personal growth. Not being able to see the future and walking in faith can be very scary.

What about you? Do changes scare you? What big changes are you going through right now?


  1. Praying that you have an easy transition during the change in season.

  2. Big changes do scare me, and I'm kind of hiding out from some right now, actually! so ty for this post!