Wednesday, April 26, 2017

A Run To Remember

Training for the Hawk 100 50 Miler is is in week 5. Our long run for last weekend was so crazy that I wanted to share with you a little bit of our experience.

Here is a video compilation of all the pictures we took to try to give you an idea of our run

It was pouring the day before. We had flash flood alerts. In fact, I spent the whole afternoon and night before trying to dry out my flooded basement. 

Saturday rolled around cold and wet (I hate being cold and wet). The normal route to our trails was flooded so we went the back ways. When we got to the trail, there were two other people and a dog there. So we thought the trails were okay. 

Well, the people left (probably turned around at the beginning since they didn't look wet or muddy) but the doggy stayed and ran with us the whole way. He made a great companion and we fondly named him "Rufus." It was wet from the get go and the field that lead up to the trail was so flooded from water coming down the bottom trails from the river that it looked like a large lake (wish we had taken pictures of this), so went went up the mountain by the parking and through the bike obstacle challenge area. 

The bottom trails were completely flooded so we circled the top inner trails and dodged some fallen trees for 7 miles. But with the river and flooding moving so fast and more rain and possible thunder storms on the forecast, we opted to head back down the trail while we still had a chance. 

To finish up our miles, we drove to the Nature Center in Springfield but only after stopping for some french fries first. Our feet were soaked and we were cold! And it started raining again! We contemplated going to the OC and finishing on the treadmill. We even got back in the van and sat awhile, but we talked ourselfs into getting back out there. Our feet felt like lead, we were cold and and our muscles were stiff. The long trail at the Center was flooded (I missed out on taking some awesome pictures) so we did loops on the shorter trails to make up the rest of the miles. 

In all truth, this post and the video really does not even compare to our crazy day! It took a longer time, with our run being divided and stop and go, but we got it done it done. It was more of a mental challenge than a physical one, but every run makes you tougher. 

Have you ever had an interesting run that you would never forget? 


  1. OMG, YES, so many unforgettable runs. Running is always an adventure!

    1. Yes it is Jamie, especially the trail runs! I think that is why I am hooked!