Friday, February 24, 2017

Inspirational Runner Spotlight

I love hearing stories about people who don't let their health issues or life struggles define who they are as a person, or what they are capable of! Reading about how they overcome those obstacles and fight rather than be beaten down is so inspirational and encouraging.

Today, I want to tell you about my older sister, Christina Walters. She is an Army wife, mom to two handsome boys,  half marathon runner, Spartan Beast, and gym junkie. She is one tough cookie and a fighter. I always joke that even if she was dying or had a foot barely hanging on, she would still run circles around me. Seriously, that women has ran races where she was sick and injured and still manages to beat my time!

It's not luck. She works hard. She works her butt off in the gym and on the trail. For as long as I remember, she has been running. In fact, I was always known as "Christina's sister" in Track and Cross Country. 

Most days are hard for her. They don't come easy. As a Army wive, a lot of times she has to act as a single parent, and she has a lot on her plate. If she doesn't have enough stress already in her life, her health issues complicate things, but her motto is to never give up! Keep on fighting!

Life may get her down but she refuses to stay down and to be limited. 
"I've got arthritis, damaged tendons, scoliosis , a heart murmur, an autoimmune disease that makes my heart race, bones and muscles ache, and causes exhaustion. I could use them to give up, but I'm not. Modify your workout, go to bed earlier , have the proper equipment,walk or rest if necessary. Never give up! We are stronger than any illness, disease, or physical impairment!"
Compared to her, my excuses sometimes seem weak and pitiful. I have a lot to learn from my sister, She inspires me everyday! Do you have someone who inspires you to never give up?

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