Thursday, February 9, 2017

Change Can Be Terrifying

Change is terrifying for me. It the fear of the unknown. Not knowing how things will turn out, leaves me feeling like I have no control. I know I have some control to steer the chain of events the way I think they should go, but it still scares me.

That is where faith comes in. And to be honest, some things seem as though they take a mountain load of faith. I wonder if the time spent  working hard and praying about something will “pay off” or will I fall flat on my face.

Being called to do something by God that is out of your comfort zone can be intimidating. I am going to just call myself an omnivert. Not sure if that is a real word, but I am going with it. As a pastor’s wive, I can be an extrovert. Sometimes it comes naturally, other times not so much. When I really need to be outgoing and confident, I have to fight my introvert side. Speaking to large groups of people can be exhilarating  but inside my adrenaline is kicking into high gear. 

2017 is going to be the year of a lot of changes. Some may turn out good and others not so good. My faith is going to be put to the test a lot. But I serve a big God! Some things have arose in my family’s live, causing the need for several changes. I am going to have to juggle a lot more and learn to let some things go. But it is also a year of potential growth as a Christian and an individual. I can’t get into details yet, as some things are still up in the year. There is no telling how this year is going to play out, and I have to just have faith. 

What about you? Does change terrify you too? Are you going through some changes in your life right now? How do you cope? 

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