Friday, January 27, 2017

Breaking Free from the Comparison Trap

I am not good enough. I don't look the part. I need to firm up my stomach. Is that cellulite on my hamstrings? Look at those varicose veins. Why can't my pictures for Instagram look as good as hers. I don't look like this or that.  All  kinds of negative thoughts swirl through our minds. Why? Because we get stuck in the comparison trap.

Unfortunately, I do this too. And it needs to stop! Comparing ourselves robs us of joy, confidence and belittles the hard work that we put into our fitness and health journey. I have spent, no wasted countless hours of comparing myself to others on Instagram and to my sister, who always seems to out do me and rocks a slender body.

My short frame of 5'2" makes any extra weight noticeable. Muscle makes me look stocky. In High School, I used to jokingly call my thighs, my thunder thighs or tree stumps, never mind the fact that they were pure muscle.

At 35 (almost 36) I still get caught up in this nonsense. Even though I have had 3 kids, run a lot of half marathons, including a 50K, and can squat/bench press a lot of weight for my frame; I constantly crop out things in my pictures before posting. I mean after all, I have to look the part. Right?! Oh and I used to compare my running paces to people. It would drive me crazy when I would hear of people not training much or being sick/injured and still running faster than me. I swear my sister could be dying and still lap me.

But I have decided that I have had enough. Life is too short and my life has enough drama. Can I get a Amen! I love my thunder thighs and what they are capable of doing and the adventures they have carried me on.

I work hard and I am proud of it! I will continue to strive to challenge my body so that I can get stronger for new adventures, not so that I can "look the part." The varicose veins and the cellulite is part of life. Those stretch marks are proof that I carried three precious babies inside me.

Are your comparisons robbing you of joy? Our self worth is not tied up in what we look like in the mirror or society's standards. We are all unique and wonderfully made. Join me in embracing our strengths and taking pride in what our body is capable of.


  1. glad you have had enough because you're more than enough. I fall victim to the "sin of the sideways glance" Some days it's easier than others to be confident in who you are and other you're confident that the lady next you is better. I just try to focus on God and who I was yesterday when my mind begins to play tricks on me. Thank you for your transparency

  2. Your welcome! We are so much more than we realize. Our worth is in him. It is when we take our focus off of him that we are vulnerable to attacks. I love your heart De!