Monday, November 21, 2016

Turkey n' Taturs 50K Recap

I never thought that I would run a 50K. In fact every time I run a half marathon, I used to reach a certain point when I would question why I was running that far, and tell myself that a half was plenty for me. So, when Amber asked me if I wanted to do something crazy with her, I would have never imagined that it would be something I would want to again.

Little did Amber and I know what was in store for us. When we showed up, I quickly learned that the course was one of the hardest courses in the area. Even the pictures we took do not even begin to do it justice. It made the trails we trained on look like child’s play.

Total elevation!
The views were beautiful. 

Don't be fooled by these pictures! The going was not always smooth. 
The workers went above and beyond to make sure they had whatever you needed out on the course. We were greeted with ladies dressed as Wonder Women, and Pirates at different aid stations. We even stopped at mile 7 to pose for pictures. Who knew running could be so fun?!

We decided to leave our fuel in Amber’s vehicle at the last minute because they would have plenty of food out on the course (which could have been bad for us). I quickly learned that Hammer Nutrition gels were very easy on my stomach. I ate an oreo at mile 4 and about 6 or so gels thought out the race along with a few skittles. I also ate pickle slices at the aid stations. Pickles never have tasted as good as they did after running for so long!  I also kept my Nuun tablets with me and made sure my Simple Hydration water bottle was always filled up.

We started off really conservative for the first three miles but realized that our pace was way too slow, so we picked up our pace. Soon we had a good pace and I felt as though I had finally the hang of bounding down the trails.

At mile 15, my calves began to cramp and tighten up, so I took a shoot of pickle juice at the aid station. It was gross but it really helped with the cramping.

Spirits were high and we were still going strong until about 9-10 miles out from the finish when I started to experience awful pain in my knees.  I tried to suck it up and continue, hoping that I could block out the pain, but the pain would only intensify.  So Amber sat down on a rock and took off her knee compression sleeve and made me put it on my right knee. The compression really helped and it was in considerably less pain than the other one.

At this point, my hopes of coming in under 8 hours had vanished, but I was still determined to come in under 10 hours. We made it up the hill named “Lip Buster” and to the last aid station where the people where so encouraging.  A man hugged me and encouraged me to fight through the pain. When we finally came down the mountain, I could see a woman cheering us on. I started to become overwhelmed and cry.  I couldn’t believe that I had made it, that I was actually about to finish a 50K! I was so proud that I was capable of accomplishing such a feat!

And while we came in over the cut off window at 10:13.12, they graciously kept the time going for us, and had not taken the finish line down yet.  

Overall, it was a surreal experience. For me, there is something about running through the trails that makes the time go by so fast. It is very freeing and spiritual at the same time.

While it was difficult trying to schedule so much training time into my already busy and hectic schedule, I can’t wait to do it again!


  1. This is so amazing Michelle! Congrats on a great accomplishment. I'm sure it was surreal, it's amazing what our bodies can do when we push them!

    1. Thank you Ivanna! I am just in awe of what God has allowed me to do!

  2. I am in absolute awe of you! Anytime someone tells me that they've run a marathon the first thing I think is "How did they keep there head in the game for that long" then I think "How did there body endure all those miles," I think it is amazing the abilities God has given us. WELL DONE and CONGRATULATIONS!!