Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The DeskCycle Helps You Move More

Lack of physical activity is harmful to your health. Most Americans are not getting enough of moderate physical activity to reduce their chances for different types of illnesses. Inactivity increases the loss of lean muscle tissue, making it more difficult to perform daily tasks. Bone loss is significantly increased and progresses at a much higher rate in people who are sedentary.

According to studies:
  1. Physical activity helps prevent insulin resistance, which is the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes.   
  2. The risk of cognitive decline is decreased by regular physical activity. Older people who maintain regular exercise have a  50% reduction in the risk of dementia.
  3. People who are sedentary have the highest rate of heart attack. In the Nurses' Health Study, women who were physically active 3 hours or more during each week, or half an hour for 6 days, reduced their risk of heart attack by 50%.
Factor in a day job sitting at a computer all day and then relaxing on the couch before bedtime, and the time spent sitting adds up. Enter in the Desk Cycle! Now you can exercise while sitting at your desk or sitting on the couch at night watching your favorite show.

The bike is safe to use and quiet. Because it is only 10 inches, it has the lowest pedal height for pedal exercisers, making it easy to use at your desk. There are 8 resistance levels to increase the difficulty. "The maximum resistance of the DeskCycle is between 2 and 10 times the maximum resistance of the other pedal exercisers, not including the MagneTrainer." The Display panel tracks time, distance pedaled, and an estimate of total calories burned. To get a more accurate picture, the DeskCylcle offers a free Online Calorie Calculator which factors in gender, height, weight, and other factors.

I was very impressed at how smooth the pedaling was but still felt like I was putting in a workout. The bike can be used while sitting at your desk, on the couch, or in your favorite chair. Because of the convenience, you can pedal while working, reading a book, or while talking on the phone. A long Velcro strap is included to tether the bike to the chair for slippery surfaces, but most people do not need the tether.
Great for playing games.
The DeskCycle is safe to use for people of all ages. My whole family takings turns using the bike. My husband likes to pedal while playing the Xbox. He loves that it is smooth enough to pedal but still allows his mind to focus and get into the game.My kids fight over who will use it when watching TV. I often use the desk cycle during the day while working on the computer. On really busy and hectic days, when I couldn't fit in a workout or run, I would feel bad about having to pick between exercising and spending quality time with my husband after the kids were put to bed.  Now I can pull the bike up to the couch, crank up the resistance, and pedal away as we watch our favorite show. The DeskCycle truly makes it easier for me to be more active.
My whole family takes turns on the bike.
Assembly is required but the detailed instructions and free handy tightening tool made it easy to put together. Total assembly time was approximately 5 minutes.

Disclaimer: I received the DeskCycle for free for the review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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