Wednesday, August 19, 2015

5 Lessons We Can Take Away From American Ninja Warrior

It's is a Monday night ritual at our house. We always watch American Ninja Warrior and it never fails to inspire us. We love the background stories, my girls love watching strong woman compete and my son wants to compete some day. After wards all three of my children can be seen doing pull ups on the bunk bed, downstairs messing around with the weight equipment, running circles around the couch, or trying crazy acrobatics; when they are really supposed to be getting ready for bed.  Last night after watching one of the shortest men in the competition finish strong, my daughter turns to me and says, "See mom, short people can do it too." She is referring to me as I am only 5'2". I think all my children will end up being taller than me, but I digress. Here are 5 lessons we can take away from American Ninja Warrior.

Photo courtesy of American Ninja Warrior 
  1. Dreams and Aspirations
It is important to have dreams and aspirations. As we get older, we tend to get caught up in the everyday life of going to work, paying bills, and taking care of responsibilities. We don't feel like we have the time or energy to dream. As a kid, we spend lots of time day dreaming. As an adult, we forget what that was like.  Don't let go of the dreams you are dreaming. If you have stopped dreaming, remember what it was you were dreaming about and start dreaming again. Those passions and dreams that we feel so deeply can be our calling or can rock our life. We are given these passions and desires for a reason. Dreams give meaning to life. They distract us from the pressures of life. They give us something to work towards, to challenge our self, and grow as a person. Let them transform you and inspire your kids and loved ones.

Here is a great article, "Are You Dreaming Big Enough?" that helps you evaluate your dreams, the common misunderstandings of our dreams, and how to invite God into that journey.

       2. Dedication

Some friends and family may not be understanding and supportive of the contestants. They may try to encourage different activities or want their friend to be just like them. Those training for such a challenging task have to be determined and dedicated to training when the going gets tough. They have to have a mindset to see it all the way through, to overcome barriers and obstacles in the game as well as in their life. Their schedules are busy enough. There are other things they may want to do. They have to be focused, dedicated at the task at hand. A healthy lifestyle takes dedication and planning. You have to make time to "train." You have to overcome many obstacles and hurdles on the road to a healthy lifestyle. Friends, don't be overwhelmed. Try to figure out your next move so that the obstacles don't knock you down.

        3. Perseverance

Training for the American Ninja Warrior takes perseverance. Athletes push their bodies and minds to the limits. They get tired of training and lets be honest, there may be days they may not want to train. They are human too and self control is limited, and motivation has to renewed daily. But, yet they train. A healthy lifestyle doesn't have to be as intense as the competitors', but it does take perseverance. Sometimes you have to take one day at a time, but it is worth it.
        4. Aiming High and Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone
The comfort zone, this is where many people stay. It's safe and their are no risks involved. There is no risk of failure. True change happens when we challenge our self. The American Warrior Ninja has many stories how training for it has transformed people's lives mentally and emotionally, not just physically. Success can not happen if we are not willing to challenge our self, embrace change, and risk failure. We grow when we step out of our comfort zone. Stepping out may also inspire and encourage others to step out causing a ripple effect of positive change to those around them. It provides a wonderful opportunity to make the world a better place. 

    5. Losing is not Failure or Defeat

Many contestants return year after year hoping to make it to the end. When an obstacle keeps them from finishing, they do not leave defeated. They go home, re-evaluate, learn from their mistakes, and try harder. Then they come back the next year to try to do it again. The road to success is paved with set backs. Its what we do with those set backs that affects our outcome. Do we see them as an opportunity to improve or do we let them define who we are.

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