Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Taking Care of Myself

This last weekend, my family and I celebrated my youngest's 6th birthday. We had some friends and family over for a "Frozen" themed party.

The cake I made.
It got me to thinking about how important it is for families to be active and healthy. The years speed by so fast, its important to make each year count! Being healthy entails more than physical activity, it includes your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Your quality of life, how you view life, and the way you interact with your loved ones is affected by all of these areas. When you are feeling blue, your family can sense it even if you do not realize it, but they may not even know why you are more irritable, moody, or acting the way you do. I have had family members who have battled with depression. It affects everyone and hurts relationships.

That is why I feel like it is important to take care of ourselves. I can look across my dinner table at my family and that is enough reason for me. Sometimes it is hard. I have battled with depression off and on, even though its not chronic or diagnosed, but usually snap out of it within a day or too.  It can rob you of your joy, and the desire to do things you really enjoy. That's why I run. I run to help me manage stress, for my health, for my family, to feel strong, and to combat the funk I sometimes find myself in.

I recently had a really stressful and hectic couple of weeks. There was one week where I did not want to do anything, even running. Usually when I feel so overwhelmed, I experience a fight or flight feeling or where I am desperate to find a time to run (literally) from my house. This week, I had no time to feel depressed, but that is exactly where I found myself. I had too much to do which only added to the feeling. There was one day where after the kids went to school and the husband was off to work, I laid down and couldn't get up the rest of the day. I felt overwhelmed, guilty, and ashamed.  I remember thinking that had I gone for a run before I felt like laying back down or made the time to run or work out more that week I would have felt better.

I finally snapped out of it a day later. This weekend I am going to a much needed woman's retreat with the ladies from my church. I find that when I neglect myself both physically and spiritually, I run into problems. I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of my family. They deserve the best version of me!

Do you ever find that when you don't take care of yourself, your well-being is affected? How do you make the time for yourself?

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