Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Back From my Retreat and Other Ramblings

I am back from my woman's retreat at Eagle Rock, Missouri. While it rained the whole time, and many activities such as the hike, hay ride, and bonfire were cancelled, I am feeling refreshed both spiritually and mentally. The place was beautiful even rain soaked and the fellowship was awesome! I even got to run in the rain! Sorry for the photo dump but I wanted you to see for yourself!

I love this picture in black and white. I think it makes it look Ansel Adams(ish).
My good friend took this picture, isn't she talented!

Another picture by my friend.
They had a mini town, rock wall, rope course, volley ball, shooting range, and much more, but we were not able to utilize it due to the rain.

This is the view outside the Mess Hall. We were close to the Arkansas Border.
As I mentioned in my earlier post, I am trying to grow my MRTT group. On Tuesday, we had a new lady. Today I dropped off fliers at Hibbett's Sports. I am so glad they let me.  Most of the grocery stores no longer have bulletin boards but I am going to enlist my mother-in-laws help at putting them up at Panera Bread, etc. It's both a little scary and exciting. I want to help encourage other ladies to get moving, to be healthy and happy.

While I am not currently training for anything (the trail race in November will have to wait for next year, due to some unexpected issues), it was nice to have the accountability of a training plan or a set challenge. Speaking about that, I finally received my shirt and a trophy for completing all 500 miles running. The overall woman who won biked most of her miles. Kudos to her, but I am trying not to be bitter. Biking is a great sport, but ... Do you think that it is harder to run or bike 500 miles? Am I being too harsh?

Isn't the shirt neat? I don't do selfies very well and had no makeup on, so this is what you get :)

I am loving this cooler weather and the scenery as the leaves change. I know that much colder weather will be here soon, but for now I am enjoying every minute. One thing about winter is that I will be wearing long pants, so I don't have to shave! I guess its not that bad after all :)

Do you incorporate biking into your training? Do you think that running is harder?


  1. Great post! My husband ad I have the debate all the time. Who works harder? Me as a runner or him as a biker? I looked it up. Running and Biking are compared using the time effort was put forth. so if you run for 2 hours, you are working as hard as someone biking for 2 hours. But I disagree. I think running is harder. You have to put more effort into moving your body!

    1. Thank you! I agree too! Running is harder for me to do plus it takes twice the amount of time, which adds to the difficulty of finding the time to get your miles in.

  2. I haven't incorporated biking at all but I would love to give it a try in the Spring, maybe! I think it would be a great way to cross train :)

    1. I only cross train on stationary bikes due to my lack of balance, lol!

  3. That place looks beautiful! I'm glad you're feeling refreshed!