Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Training:Beauty and the Beast

I have learned much while training for my 4th half marathon. As the training comes to a close, I have been on one heck of a  mental and physical rollercoaster. As I disclosed in an earlier post, I am trying to ignore the "burn-out blues," which can come from hard training. The last couple of months, it has been difficult training around a family of five's multiple activities. The start of a new school year, added Tae Kwon Do and soccer practices, my hubby's odd work schedule, and being down to one vehicle has only made things more challenging. I trained mostly during the heat of the day. It has been hot and zaps what little energy I have. Looking back at how I have overcome the hurdles and adapted, I realize that I have became a better person from those obstacles.

There were some weeks where I had to rescheduled workouts and had to cut some runs shorts due to time and or heat. I would have liked to more strength training in the last two weeks, but I have learned to listen to my body. I have also grown mentally and physically stronger. I have set a new PR of 15 miles and have pushed myself to become a beast. I may not be the fastest, but darn it, I have tried my hardest.

As I approach the race, I can have confidence that I trained hard to be where I am now. I was having conflicting thoughts about whether I could get faster, and if I wanted to push my self during the race. I have had doubts that I could substain my pace and was scared of pushing my self, scared of getting out of my comfort zone, and scared of the possible pain and fatigue I could put myself through if I pushed myself a little harder. But as I write this post, I have realized that I have trained too hard to just finish, I want to give it all I have, to dig down deep and find my inner strength during the last mile where I usually hit the mental wall.

The training has taught me many valuable lessons about family and life, and I realize that its time for a break. After the race, I will take a small hiatus from running half marathons and only do 1-2 a year with some smaller races. I want to get back to the love of running again. It is my therapy, my quiet time. I want to remember why I started running, yet I am forever grateful to the training. I am a better person today because of it.

I had the first meeting for Moms Run This Town and I was very excited when I had some moms show up despite the forecast of impending rain. I am hoping to share with them the joy of running that I experience.  I am looking forward to this new journey and hope to start my next training rejuvenated.

Do you take breaks from racing?


  1. Great attitude Michelle. Yes, I have taken breaks from racing, running, or just being so "on" all the time when it comes to fitness. I find only 1-3 races a year works best for me and my family. You will crush your race, you've been working hard! Then you can shift focus to something else for awhile.

    1. Thanks Michele for your encouragement! I do have a few smaller races coming up, but it will be nice to get back to running for fun and shifting focus.