Wednesday, September 24, 2014

7-Day Tart Cherry Challenge

I am a huge fan of tart cherry juice and have been drinking it every day for the last couple of months to help with my half marathon training. I bought a bottle of concentrate and mix 2 tablespoon with a glass of water. I started feeling a difference almost right away. Then I heard about Cheribundi's 7-Day Challenge and wondered how their products would stack up with the juice I was currently drinking. I contacted the company and they sent me some samples to try out for the 7-Day Challenge and then some :) ! But before I compare the two, I want to tell you why tart cherry juice is so beneficial.

Tart cherries are rich in phytonutrients and anthocyanins. They have natural anti inflammatory properties which fight free radicals, repair cell damage, and block the inflammation-causing enzymes which your body produces during exercise. Drinking tart cherry juice helps to reduce muscle pain following long runs or hard workouts, and aids in recovery. Tart cherries also contain melatonin which helps with falling asleep quicker and improves sleep quality.
Now to compare the two brands.
The other brand
1. Cheribundi routinely subjects their juices to third party studies.
2. Cheribundi's Tru Cherry juices has the highest total ORAC unit capacity and was found to be at least 1.4 times higher than the next highest product and 24 times more than the weakest products when compared to 32 other "healthy" juices.
3. The prove is in the pudding: while I noticed a difference with the other brand, I had deeper and more restful sleep with the Cherubundi products. I also felt healthier during the challenge and recovered quicker. The juice also tasted sweeter.
The 7-Day Challenge Breakdown
Day 1: For the challenge you drink two 8 oz. servings the first day and one bottle a day for the next 6 days (some days I drank more than one bottle). Since I was feeling a little cruddy, I started with the Tart Cherry Restore. It contains 40 pressed cherries, electrolytes, and vitamins. It was sweetened with natural stevia leaf and had a slight vanilla flavor.
Day 2: I drank the Tart Cherry Rebuild juice after a hard workout. The apple juice it is mixed with gives the juice a tart but sweet taste. It contains 45 cherries plus whey.
Day 3: I drank the Tart Cherry Juice Light in the morning, which is also sweetened with natural stevia. It contains 40 cherries.
Day 4: I drank two bottles of the 100 % Tart Cherry Juice. Each bottle contains 50 cherries! It is not too tart since it is mixed with apple juice.
Day5: I drank one bottle of Tart Cherry Juice.
Day 6: I drank one bottle of Tart Cherry Juice.
Day 7: I drank the Tart Cherry Juice in the morning. Since I had a race the next day and wanted to be well rested, I drank the Tart Cherry Relax before I went to bed. It contains 40 pressed cherries and the extract L-Theanine, which helps to  promote relaxation.
Cheribundi's juices have exceeded the other tart cherry juices I have drank in both flavor and effectiveness. I am so glad that they carry a variety of products. Just this week I read that select Wal-Marts will be carrying Cheribundi! I hope my store is one of those. If you are training hard or just want to sleep better at night, I recommend Cheribundi!
Do you drink tart cherry juice? Have you tried the Cheribundi 7-Day Challenge?

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