Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Graduation Weekend and Why I love PlowOn Gum

Over the weekend my family and I drove to Chicago for my graduation. The trip was full of ups and downs. Due to traffic, road construction, and having to replace our van battery, we missed the special Military Reception that Kaplan University puts on for students who are veterans. However, I was able to receive my commemorative coin prior to the graduation.

I walked across the stage of the beautiful Chicago Theatre. There was over 450 graduates and the college did an amazing job putting on the ceremony.

All lite up in lights! How awesome is this!

The lobby
View that my husband took from the balcony.

Here is a tip for those who want to travel to downtown Chicago. The traffic is crazy and the GPS has a hard time receiving satellite due to all of the tall buildings. Use public transportation and walk when ever possible to save yourself a headache!

After my graduation, we were able to relax. We took the kids to the Rain Forest Café. I love that place!

We stayed at the luxurious Marriott where I was able to take advantage of their great fitness room. The kids loved the large pool.

Another highlight of the trip was the care package that PlowOn Gum sent directly to the hotel. I was out of PlowOn and tweeted that I wished I had bought more prior to the long drive to help me stay alert. They contacted me to get the address of the hotel where I was staying to send me 12 packs of gum for my return trip!  PlowOn truly treats everyone like family! They have an awesome all-natural product full of green tea antioxidants, which I swear by and love telling people about! You can read my product review of PlowOn Gum here. If you are interested in trying it out you can request a free sample on their website. You won't be sorry you did! Become part of the family today!


  1. Congrats Michelle! Despite the traffic it looks like you still had a good time. A good fitness room helps :) ok. You have convinced me. I will get a free trial of plow on!

    1. Thank you! Awesome! I would love to know what you think of PlowOn.

  2. I have not heard of Plow on all until about a week ago! I feel like since then I have heard several people rave about it!

    1. Its great stuff but don't just take my word for it! :)