Monday, July 7, 2014

10 Ways to Keep Kids Active Indoors When it is Too Hot to Play Outside

I love running and being physically fit. I try to lead by example. I also believe that it is important for parents to encourage their children to be active. Children love playing outside. The sun and fresh air is good for them as they (hopefully) run off some of their extra energy and there are a lot of fun things to do outside to keep kids active. Active kids are healthy kids. But what are they supposed to do when its too hot to play outside?

Lets be honest, children can grow bored with their toys or grow irritable with each other very quickly. As a mother of three, I am not against TV, Xbox or other electronic gadgets. They have a time and place. You can even incorporate learning games or concepts with them. What I am against is having children be sedentary most of the day, almost every day.

So what can they do inside that allows them to be active and have fun without breaking things in the house? Here  are 10 options that will keep the kids engaged, happy (hopefully not fighting), and physically active.

1. Summer Olympics: My children love competeing with each other. Each child had one minute to see how many jumping jacks, sit ups, and  push ups they can do. They even competed to see how many times they could run around the couch before time was up. You can even add hula hoops to the routine and tailor it to your child's athletic ability.

2. Interactive games such as Kinetic Sports, Wii, etc provide hours of active fun. There are a variety of activities to choose from such as boxing, bowling, white water rafting, and much more. Recently, I challenged all three of my children  to boxing and ended up short of breath and sweaty!

3. Just Dance for Kids or  Dance Central (older kids): You can't go wrong with music and dancing. The only con is my youngest kept dancing to the same song over and over until I finally got her to switch songs!

4. Zumba: Not every one loves Zumba but my 5-year-old loves to do Zumba with me. I love how I can spend quality time with her, get in a quick workout, and do it in the comfort of my own home. No one has to know if I  make up my own moves sometimes or if I am uncoordinated. :)

5. Dance Party: Kids can pick their favorite tunes and rock it!

6. Indoor Scavenger Hunt

7. Hide and Seek (great for younger kids, older kids may get bored easy)

8. Twister or Charades

9. Hopscotch: I have not done this yet but I have seen this idea all over Pinterest. If you use painters tape to make the squares on your floor, it can be easily removed.

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10. Indoor pools: The old stand by and favorite of many children!

What do you do to keep your kids active during the summer? Do you play together as a family?


  1. This is a great post Michelle! I don't have kids but my furkids sure don't mind playing fetch INSIDE the house! Gah! LOL

    1. Thank you Maria! I am sure they keep you busy as well!