Saturday, June 28, 2014

It all Started a Year Ago This Weekend

This weekend marks my 1 year anniversary since I started training and running half marathons. My first half is one of my favorite races next to the race I ran with my husband. It was the Azalea Half Marathon in Nixa Missouri, on September 14th.
My husband got to watch me start, meet me half way with sports beans and water, and cheered me on when I finished. Now I am training for that race again, my 4th half! Here is the video that my husband, my favorite cheerleader, took, and made into a video for me! How sweet was that!
It was a challenging and very hilly race but I didn't walk those hills. I started out very conservatively the first half and increased my pace after the half way mark with almost all of the miles being negative splits. I felt very strong miles 7-10, with mile 9 being my fastest time. My plan was to eat a couple of Honey Stinger chews at mile 9, but I was feeling so good that I only ate one. At mile 10.5, I thought I was closer to the finish line until I looked at my Garmin. What a let down! That discouragement only let the mind games begin. At mile 11, I was feeling tingly and goose bumpy (either from the lack of hydration,  the mind games, my blood sugar may have been dropping, or all three). I chewed two more honey stingers and refused to walk. Towards the end I saw these three beautiful children!

My sister-in-law and kids meet me with signs and encouragement. My son, with soccer cleats and all, jumped in and started running with me. Looking back, I wished I could have enjoyed having them there more. By this time I was feeling strange and my head  started to feel funny and tingling like the rest of my body. I was trying to fight the mind games. I wanted to speed up, I was so close, but it felt like I couldn't go faster! The conversation inside my head went back and forth until I turned that last corner and saw the final stretch to the finish line. I decided to go for it and ran as fast as I could and came in at 2:17:10, not bad for my first half!

I was a little out of it. Notice my upside down PowerAde? :) I think I felt like passing out at one point and set down for a little bit.

I didn't have time to recover. My lovely sister-in-law took my children to my son's soccer game. I went home, showered, and meet them at the second game. I ran around and took pictures like a "MOMarazzi." Then we had a B-B-Q at the in-laws (some out of town family was there). I helped prep and clean up. No down time for my legs! I was so sore and could hardly walk the next few days. The stairs in the garage were very interesting to maneuver up and down! Totally worth it!

I look forward to earning these this year!


  1. Congrats on completing it last year and now you are returning! Awesome! Good luck on your training but I'm pretty sure you got this. ;)
    My trick for my legs? Compression socks. I wore them under my jeans after my first one because I too was up and around afterwards. No down time that night either. They help with the soreness. ;)

  2. Thanks Maria! I love compression sleeves. Do you find that the socks work better than sleeves? I plan on training harder this time around so I can shave at least 5 minutes off my time.

    1. I prefer the sleeves over socks. I wear low trainers (Pro Compression low socks) when I run. If I do wear the full knee high compressions socks, it'll probably be for a half marathon or during the winter months. :)
      You can make it happen! Good luck!

  3. I have to give you props for doing the race and still moving after that for the kids. You are a supermom. Good luck with your prep towards the race in September.