Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Family Fitness With a Punch

So I challenged my three children to boxing on kinetic sports. It was fun and exhausting at the same time and I felt like I got a mini workout in.

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Today was strength training for my arms, workout #2. I also added in kick boxing, jump roping, and ran a little on the treadmill to get my cardio in. I incorporated some heavier weights and now my arms feel like jelly! Weight lifting can be hard sometimes but I feel so strong afterwards. Want to find out how beneficial resistance training is for runners, you can read an older post about it here.

Original source of photo unknown.
This weekend I was supposed to run the local Duck Waddle 5K and then go berry picking with my children. My oldest found out that her Tae Kwon Do instructor was offering an extra class this Saturday and wanted to go, so it looks like a day of Tae Kwon Do for us. Berry picking can wait for another day. I plan doing the race next year and hopefully have some of my children run with me.

Are you racing this weekend? What fun and active activities do you have planned for your family?

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