Sunday, June 8, 2014

5 Signs You May Have Snake-a-phobia

It's starting to get warmer. I love summer but I do not like what may lurk on the trail around the corner. Snakes, that is! I have diagnosed my self of a mild (sometimes intense) case of  phobia of snakes or other known as Ophidiophobia. Bet you didn't know that was the official term. I think I will stay with the term snake-a-phobia, sounds better to me, lol.  Here are MY 5 signs (and confessions) that you may suffer from this completely reasonable phobia.

1. You pray that you will be kept safe from all snakes on your path before you start your run. Sounds a bit sad and pathetic, but I do every time.
2. You are afraid of all snakes, even harmless ones such as the Gardner snake. Okay another confession, I do not actually know which snakes are harmless and which are not. I have to Google it or ask my husband. No wonder the dude with the little kids looked at me funny when I pointed out the Gardner snake to him like it was a scary foe for him to avoid. I am totally clueless. No matter, a snake is still a snake!

Photo courtesy of the world wide web. I do not take credit for this picture.
3. You are super vigilante and eye every branch, twig, etc as a potentional snake so you can cautiously approach it and to be ready to turn tail. You also view every big rock as a hiding spot. Okay maybe your not that bad, and maybe I should get my eyes checked, but if I can't make out what it is from a distance, and it has the resamblinace of being one, I get nervous. I also tell myself that I have good reasons to be nervous since I have seen snakes four times last year (and ran by a Gardner snake last week) and one time the snake seemed very irritated since I was coming in its general direction. Not sure what kind it was but it looked like it was ready to strike.
4. You constantly are aware of all the tall grass by the path that hasn't been mowed yet and run down the middle of the path to give your self some distance.
5. If you know a snake is ahead, you don't get close enough to see if its a poisonous one, you just turn tail and run the other way.

Disclaimer: Not the actual trail I encounter the snakes on.

That being said, I do not let my fears conquer me. I still run on my favorite trails but I choose to be aware of my surroundings. Another disclaimer: this post was not meant to scare but to poke fun at my snake-a-phobia.
Love your run, but be aware of your surroundings. 


  1. Do you know what to do if you got bit by a snack? That is very important just in case.... or just run faster :) Love reading your blog!

    1. Lol, I wish I was that fast! Sadly, I don't, except to try to get help as fast as possible and maybe try to suck the poison out if I have to. I think I will look that up today now that you mentioned it. Maybe my next post will cover that :) Thanks for stopping by!