Monday, May 26, 2014

Table Rock Half Marathon Recap

Happy Memorial's Day! Thank you to those who have or are currently serving in the United States military. I am proud to say that I am a Navy Veteran and that I have several family members that have or are currently serving.

This weekend I ran the Table Rock Lake Half Marathon with my cousin. The event was put on by a local church to raise funds for their youth program. I did not run for a PR, I wanted to be there for support during her first half. The race was three out and back loops and took us past several campsites with a view of the lake most of the way. The pictures are very deceiving as most of the course was not flat. It was a beautiful but challenging course. My only regret was that I did not take more pictures during and after the race. I just cant stand taking my phone with me. I will try to make a mental note to take more pictures so that you get a better picture of what the racing environment was like.

The start of the race course.

I felt great during most of the race but my left knee started hurting me towards the end reminding me that I should have stretched more before the race. It was very humid, and we were sweating a lot. I even had little goose bumps on my arms and legs even though I hydrated really well. I introduced her to the world of Sports Beans and Honey Stingers.  Her feet were hurting her and her shoes felt very tight. She had just bought new absorbent socks to prevent blisters. It was the first time she had worn her new socks (never try anything new in a race). Because they were so thick, it made for a tight fit. The tight fit affected her running form causing more discomfort. I felt bad for her but she kept going even though she was in pain.

Because of the location of the race, I was able to use a real bathroom! It did not have soap but it provided hand sanitizer. The racing camaraderie was fantastic except for one of the runners that we cheered on that snapped at us! That was a first for me! Usually runners are sore, tired, etc, but never grumpy. That is what the running community is all about, cheering each other on.

I am so proud of my cousin! She felt bad having to walk portions of it, but she finished it! It is a huge accomplishment that she needs to be proud of. I am hopping that she will run many more in the future.

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