Thursday, April 10, 2014

Its My Birthday and I Can Run If I Want to

Yesterday was my birthday, but I did not take the day off, when you have children and a crazy schedule it is hard to. But I did get to celebrate it by running (and we had a small family celebration on Sunday). After my husband and I dropped the children off at Awana's at church we went running. Normally we would have gone out to eat to celebrate my birthday, but we have a half-marathon on Sunday. And you know what, I wouldn't have it any other way. Running has helped me in so many ways (this topic needs its own blog post), so in a way I was giving myself a gift by choosing to go running.

Did I mention my wonderful hubby gave me a gift card for Hibbett's! He knows what I like!

The marathon on Sunday is the main fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for Camp Barnabas, to provide life-changing experiences for people with special needs and chronic illnesses.  My husband and I will be assigned a team for race day with four special Camp Barnabas campers who will be our team captains. We will be given our team assignments and color at Packet pickup. Then

 we will have the opportunity to cheer on our team captains and teammates as they complete their race prior to our half marathon. They will also be cheering us on at the finish line. What a great cause!

I also recently signed up for the 500 Mile Club at my local community center. What a great way to help keep my self accountable. The initiatives are great too. I have 180 days to complete at least 500 miles. If I make the goal I get a cool t-shirt. The male and female to complete the most miles gets a trophy and will be named the 500 Miles Club King and Queen. Piece of cake, I know I would at least get the t-shirt. Wish me luck!

Love your run. _ Michelle


  1. YAY! Happy belated birthday! Your hubby is as smart as my boyfriend. :) My boyfriend gets me running gear and gift cards to our local running store. Smart men. ;)

    1. Thank you! Yes they are :) I can't wait to go shopping!

  2. Happy Birthday Michelle!

    I always look for a race on my birthday! It's a great way to celebrate life!