Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Fueled By Sports Beans

I love sports beans! I use them on all my long runs. It is important to me that I have proper fuel and Sports Beans are my go to. I notice a difference in my performance when I use them.  Sports beans help you replenish your electrolytes you sweat out during exercise (and I can sweat a lot sometimes) Last week I received a box full of sports beans just in time for our 12 mile run. My husband was pretty ecstatic  since he also fuels with Sports Beans, and there was lemon-lime and orange flavored beans, which he quickly snagged. You can tell in my picture that I had already opened one (I needed a pick me up)

During our run, we fueled first at  mile 6  with our Sports Beans. I choose the Extreme mixed flavors kind which contains 50 milligrams of  caffeine (only the Extreme Sports Beans contain caffeine). My husband choose lemon-lime. Almost instantly I felt more energized, it took my husband around 5-10 minutes to feel a difference and gave us enough pick me up until we refueled again. We usually fuel with Sports Beans at mile 6 and Honey Stingers at mile 9, but I had forgotten to buy Honey stinkers, so I ate my cherry flavored beans and my husband downed his orange flavored beans with plenty of water and we finished our run. They settled in our stomach just fine!

There are so many things I love about Sports Beans. They taste like candy and are naturally sweetened!  You can buy them caffeinated for a little extra boost. The flavors are amazing! I think I have tried all the flavors so far and watermelon is my favorite. They are not sticky, are very portable, and are easy to chew. My husband helped how they craved his mid-run hunger and swears that they help with his mental game.

One package of sports beans contains 25 grams of carbohydrates, and a balanced supply of the  electrolytes, potassium and sodium, which are vital for maintaining fluid balance. There is 10 % of the Daily Value of Vitamins B1(thiamin), B2 (Riboflavin), B3 (Niacin) that help burn carbohydrates and fat for fuel. There is also 10% Daily Value of Vitamin C (to protect muscles) and are made with 100% natural flavors and real fruit juice (another reason I love Sports Beans)! Sports Beans are gluten free, peanut free and Kosher Certified.

If you need more proof or incentive to try them, here is some :). Clinical Research shows that Sports Beans work. Sport beans performed as well as gels and sport drinks in a simulated 10K cycle race following an endurance ride, and significantly better than water alone. To read more about this study or to read some "Mythbusting Nutrition," click here.

Love your run! - Michelle


  1. These are also my fav way to fuel during a run! I've tried Honey Stingers so many times and I don't feel like they give me the boost that Sport Beans do. I heard caffeine can hurt your stomach, do the caffeinated sport beans do that? I bought a bag but I'm scared to try them! The pink ones are my favorite!

    1. Kristen, I usually only use the caffeinated ones. I like the extra boost that they give me. I guess caffeine could possiblly affect people with sensitive stomachs but I have not heard of anyone having issues with Sports Beans. I have never had any problems with them, so they should be okay. I would love to know how they work for you if you decide to try them! :)