Thursday, April 17, 2014

Camp Barnabas Half Marathon

I have finally gotten around to writing about the half marathon my husband and I ran on Sunday, thanks to college homework and other factors. Such is life, but I digress. The half marathon was a great fundraising opportunity for a good cause. It is THE signature fundraising event dedicated to raising funds for Camp Barnabas to provide life-changing experiences for people with special needs and chronic illnesses.

Photos courtesy of ©Joe Batty

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we were assigned team captains from Camp Barnabas to cheer on during the camper stroll. Here is our team captain, Captain Carly. Unlike most of the other campers, she participated in the half marathon. She had a team of runners that took turns pushing her during the race. How awesome is that!
Here is a recap of my race. I don't like running with my phone, but I wish I had. The race ends at a different place that it starts at, and my husband and I missed so many good photo opportunities. There were bands playing and lots of spectators at each mile marker. I gave and received lots of high fives!

Mile 1   10:50.6 
I started off faster than our normally do during my races. I typically like to start off conservatively until mile six then increase the pace with negative splits during the second half.
I was a little concerned that I would not be able to keep the pace up but decided to push myself (either that or I was very excited to be running it with my husband). My knee and left hamstring felt really tight and hurt but I choose to ignore the discomfort.

Mile 2   11:15.2
We slowed down a little during mile two so that I could properly warm up. I was still afraid that we were starting out too fast. I was off of my game plan, and I didn’t like it.  I also started having the feeling that I needed to use the rest room, despite going before the race. There was no porta pottys in sight so I kept going. I have trained with far worse, so I knew I would be fine.

Mile 3   10:46.3
By mile three I started loosening up and my knee and hamstrings felt much better.

Mile 4   10:52.7
I saw a porta potty but it was occupied. I didn’t want to wait or stop so I kept going. There were lots of spectators cheering us on. One girl told us to keep going and that we were almost done, Grrrrr! Did she not realize that we had nine more miles to go!
Mile 5   10:53.7
I had to tell myself to not focus on the fact that my stomach really hurt from needing to go to the rest room. I was off my game and had a hard time focusing on the run. My husband on the other hand was having the time of his life! Not sure if it was the energy bits he took before the race, that he was feeling really good, that he was excited about running the race together, or the combination of the three. I envied him. Occasionally he would get really focused and run ahead until he realized that I was not keeping up with him, lol.
Mile 6    11:07.5
I refueled with my sports beans and water. I was starting to feel a little better but I could tell without looking at my watch that I had slowed down.
Mile 7    10:24.1
It was go time if I wanted to get a PR. The entertainment at this mile marker was very entertaining.

Mile 8     10:00.0
I was starting to feel the sports beans kicking in. I choose to take some energy bits to help with my energy. My husband served as my personal cheerleader along the way.    
Mile 9      9:57.1
Mile 10    9:54.6
I refueled with Honey Stinkers and water. We wanted to keep the last miles less than 10 minutes. I was starting to hit the “wall” mentally and physically. My legs started feeling heavy and weak. I started getting tingly and started to feel goose bumps on my arms. My head felt weird and I had to go to the bathroom!  I had a hard time focusing and wished my husband would be quiet. I could care less if he felt great, I didn’t! I quietly stewed inside.  I didn’t want to ruin the experience of his first half marathon for him or the fact we were running it together. He was sure we would crush the last 5K. I just wanted to be done, so I could go to the bathroom!
Mile 11      9:54.3
Mile 12      9:53.4
I was really tired and felt like my doubting thoughts would win. My husband had become quiet so I begged him to talk to me to get me over the hump. We were almost done but my mind was telling  me that I couldn’t keep up the pace.
Mile 13     11:12.8
“Sigh”! I had a really hard time pushing it! But man did I try! This time is deceiving, however, since I was walking around for a little bit before I realized the time was still going on my watch, I was so focused in finding the bathroom. But, I know that I had slowed down that mile. My mind won, but in the end I am still proud of our accomplishment! My game plan was altered and my mind was not in the race during most of it but   still beat my PR by 34 seconds. Final time 2:16.36.
Note to the woman in the bathroom complaining that 2:01 was a really horrible time , I will gladly trade with you any day!

I can't wait to run it with my husband again next year! And I will take my phone!






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