Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New Family Tradition: The Color Run

This post is going to be mostly pictures to illustrate the awesomely (is that a word?) active fun I had with my family this weekend!  On Saturday, my family and I walked/ran the Color Run together. My son who has been bitten by  "the running bug" was itching to run the whole thing with me, but we wanted to do it together as a family. My 5-year-old daughter is not quite as fast as her older brother, and my oldest daughter is not as into running as her brother, so we slowed our pace down. This was the first time we had done the Color Run, and we all agreed that we will do it again every year. We missed my son's and my youngest first soccer game of the season. I hate leaving them hanging but I signed up before I had even registered them for soccer. Besides, this is what memories are made up of. Not to mention it helps promote being active as a family.

Our selfie before the race.

There were so many people there! We were in the second wave. When we finished there were still a lot of people waiting for their turn to run! We were fortunate to be able to get in the second wave, find a parking spot, and not have to walk very far to the starting line!

There was so much color flying through the air!

There was a pink, blue, yellow, and purple station.

I think the race planners did an excellent job! The pre and post race entertainment was great and very organized. My kids were entertained by all the bubbles floating in the air before the race that they did not get bored, I just I wish I had a picture of it! I can't wait until next year!  - Michelle


  1. So fun! I did the color run last year with my daughter and we too hope to make it a tradition :)

  2. Looks like your family definitely had fun! I have yet to do a color run but will in the future!