Sunday, March 23, 2014

Simple Hydration: The perfect solution for me (and review)!

Last week I was talking about having problems finding the right hydration method that worked for me. Well, I am happy to say that I have. I was given the opportunity by Brian Hock, owner of  Simple Hydration to try out a great water bottle. It was created by a runner and made especially for runners. I tried the bottle during several runs including an 11 mile run. It looks uncomfortable but it is not!

I do not like carrying things in my hand so I was impressed by the ease of the bottle.  Simply slide the bottle onto your waistband, race belt, or pocket. I used it with my race belt (SPIbelt) and during one run tucked it into the top of a sports bra (sorry no picture).  I will probably be using the bottle more this way during the summer to help keep  cool. The bottle does not work very well with elastic band shorts or pants but can be used with drawstring shorts pulled snug.

During my first run, I had to slide it towards my back so that the bottle would not affect my running form by having it on my hip. Even completely filled up, the bottle felt light, did not slosh, or move around. The bottle was easy to hydrate with during the run and to slide back onto the belt. It even helped keep my lower back cool!

 The many great features of the Simple Hydration bottle include:

      ·         Contoured shape for a great fit

·         Rests comfortably in the hand when drinking

·         BPA-Free

·         53 mm cap for easy filling and cleaning

·         Top rack dishwasher safe
·         Only $19.99

Don’t just take my word for it. Check out this other blog review from another runner and fan of Simple Hydration, Maria from Lil Mys Ninja
Go buy your own Simple Hydration bottle at Simple Hydration and love your run!




  1. Aww yay!!! I'm so glad it works for you! Another Simple Hydration fan has been made. :) And thank you for sharing my review post too! Enjoy :)

  2. Great review. I just may have to try it!