Saturday, March 15, 2014

Camel-Pack Woes

This year for my next half marathon I am trying out something new. Last year my husband met me half way with sports beans (candy for the runner, YUM) and water. At mile 9, I ate honey stinkers. I felt great until mile 11.5, when I started to lose focus. At mile 12, I hit the wall, even though I thought I did everything right, until I had my A-HA moment.  Sodium and water need each other to work properly in your body. Sodium helps your body retain water, but if there is not enough water intake, it pulls it from your body’s tissues and cells, dehydrating you. Looking back at the race, I realize that I did not drink enough water for a whole bag of sports beans, and stopping at the water tables on the way back didn’t help. Unless I stopped to drink my water, I only got sips and splashed the rest of the water all over myself. So maybe at the end of the race, the “wall” was not because my blood sugar was crashing but because I was getting dehydrated. That’s my theory anyways. I was a little dizzy and out of it in this picture.

I decided to give camel packs a try again. The first time I practiced with a heavy camel-pack and hated it. The bag sloshed around and it felt heavy. I researched camel-packs on online and found some really nice ones, but so expensive! I was at Wal-Mart and saw one that might have potential. It looked like it would be much lighter. I would never buy running shoes or anything else at Wal-Mart (not knocking them, but you get what you pay for), but I thought my husband and I would give them a try.

We filled them up and head out for our 9 mile run. I tried sipping on mine but no water would come out! We had to pierce our valves since there was no pre-made slits. During the run, we still had problems so we had to take the valves off and drink from the tube. It slowed us down and I ended up getting drenched since I had problems running and screwing the valve back on. The camel-pack was light even though it held two liters and there was no sloshing but hydrating was frustrating.  My half marathon is weeks away and I still have not found a good solution since I hate running with hand helds and I do not want a bulky water belt bouncing around. There may be a solution in my future though. I contacted Simple Hydration to see if I could try one of their products out and write a review on it. I am pretty excited to try it out! It is a water bottle that you slid into your waistband, race belt, or pocket. Stay tuned, I will let you know how it goes. Love your run! - Michelle



  1. I hope you can review that bottle and I'm excited to hear about it. I don't like running with water but clearly need to. Haven't found anything I'd like to carry during my runs.

  2. Thanks! Hopefully, this bottle can be the right solution for me. I don't mess with water during my shorter runs, just during my long runs when I am training. Hope you find something that works for you.

  3. I hope you get to try the Simple Hydration bottle! I LOVE LOVE LOVE mine! That's what I use versus a hydration belt. I can't stand hydration belts. I would love to get a camelbak for when I train for a marathon, but yes they are a bit out of my price range. My Simple Hydration bottle is perfect for me and even when I run shorter runs with my dog. But I used it when I trained for my half. I normally don't take in water for the first 5-6 miles anyways - this is how I trained. But you'll also want to make sure that you're taking in enough water through your days and nights. I think that's why I hardly had trouble with my water intake.

    I actually did a short video and blog review. I don't like leaving links on comments for other people's blogs, because I feel like it's highjacking their post. So if you're interested, just let me know and I can send you the link. :) Good luck! Brian at Simple Hydration rocks and hopefully you'll get some good news back from him.

  4. I am really anxious to hear what you think of this! You just shove it into your waistband? I'm curious to find out if that causes any chafing.

  5. I got an email from Brian and the water bottle is on the way! I can't wait to try it! Maria that would be great. Can you email it to me at I would love to check it out. Amy, here is what Brian wrote in the email to me "that you do want to use the bottle with drawstring shorts pulled snug as that is what holds the weight of the water. You can also use it with a race belt (like a SPIbelt) or even tuck it into the back of a jog bra (as some women like to do - especially on hot days)." I will describe it better in my review coming up. There should be no chaffing.