Monday, February 24, 2014

Running Ramblings

What a beautiful weekend! The in-laws watched the children so I was able to run 7 miles on Sunday with my hubby! The weather had cooled down 20° from Saturday but it was still a great day for running. It was wonderful to see signs of Spring everywhere. We had an awesome time despite my tummy issues, and I was inspired by two elderly runners, a women and a man who were in their 60-70’s. They were running  (solo) the whole time we were on the trail and were still running when we left! Their pace wasn’t bad either. I want to be the cool grandma who still runs! I did forget to buy sports beans (which can have addictive qualities, they are so yummy), but I had raisons on hand, so we ate those and felt fine.

This week I am going shopping for new running shoes! I can tell it’s that time. No worries, who doesn’t a good excuse to go shopping for new shoes!?


 I have this fun little playground in my basement; I don’t know why I haven’t utilized it more, except for the treadmill. I still have a few pieces of equipment to put together. I have started lifting more weights, and I can feel a difference while running. I feel so much stronger.
Even though it is my second, the closer the half-marathon gets the more nervous and excited I get. I look forward to running it with my husband!

On a side note, do you know that you sweat out iron when you run? Well, we do! I found this article while researching iron supplements. Runners commonly have issues with anemia and sweating out iron doesn’t help (even if it is in low amount).  Check it out here and read why anemia affects your workout as while as your energy.
 Love your run!


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