Sunday, February 9, 2014

Life in the Midst of Winter

Wow! This is my first blog and I am so excited, so please excuse me while I ramble a little. My goal is to motivate you, and in return gleam some insight from you as well. I love running and I try to go running as much as possible. Many times I have to work around the kids' or husband's schedules. Sometimes it means I have to (get to) run on the treadmill. Just recently I started training for my second half marathon, the first for my husband. We have been able to have the grandparents watch the kids and get to run together about twice a week. This training has been different for me. Training for the first half was during the summer. This training is during the winter, and I hate being cold! I am fortunate to have my husband to push me. If I was running by myself, there is NO way I would be running when the temperature is 14° with wind chill! Brrr! That aside, I am just blessed to be able to train with my best friend! I look forward to many more blogs and from hearing from you.

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