Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Can See the Light!

The sun is shining and the weather is warmer today! Spring is almost here! It is about time since I seem to struggle with motivation and seasonal moodiness in the winter. Running outside more versus the treadmill will help as well as having more daylight to get those runs in. Hopefully I will not get surrounded by big dogs again! Having dogs on leashes does not help if your not holding the leashes, just saying! My husband and I were in our running zone until we were surrounded by 3 growling dogs. Not fun! Did I mention, I almost got ran over running through a cross walk, even though the sign said walk! Someone was in a hurry! Running is never boring for me (unless on the treadmill).
 I am now at week 5 of my half marathon training. I have starting incorporating weight training into my schedule, which I probably should have started in week one! I did not realize my arms were so weak until I started lifting weights again! I have also started taking a daily iron supplement to help me feel less tired. I eat really healthy, try to get enough sleep, and workout; but get really tired. I have been tested for anemia but the tests always come back fine. I think it comes and goes. I just noticed that I start bruising for no reason sometimes and get really exhausted easy. The iron has seemed to help so I am sticking with it. Things seem to be looking up! I received my runners ID bracelet in the mail, never hurts to be prepared (especially if dogs or cars are involved), and I finally got to wear shorts on my run last night (time to get some color on my Casper legs)! I am even signing my whole family up for the Color Run in April. It works out great as it falls during my taper week for the half!Can't wait, good things are on the horizon!

I love this quote! It applies to life as well as running.

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